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Sherman Primley

A well known amber medicine bottle from Milwaukee is embossed Sherman Primley Iron and Wahoo Tonic. Less well known is an aqua Sarsaparilla from the same company and an extremely rare bottle from the same firm embossed Primley's Speedy Cure for Coughs and Colds. Another rare variety is this gorgeous olive green variant from the Jones & Primley partnership in Elkhart, Indiana that sold in a Glassworks auction.

The fact that there are also similar bottles from Sherman Primley from Elkhart Lake Indiana leads you to surmise that Mr. Primley operated out of both cities or had a main office plus a branch. Questions about the company are well explained in this article we found on the Bottle Pickers web site. According to the article, Sherman Primley moved from Elkhart to Milwaukee in 1897 and later moved to Peoria, leaving a trail of clues in the form of embossed bottles from all three cities.


Author: Peter Maas
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