If you have an antique bottle, flask, jar or advertising item that you believe is rare or especially valuable contact us for a free appraisal.

This service is free!

There are some requirements however:
- We deal in antique items, meaning mostly before about 1910. We cannot appraise items newer than that. If the seam goes all the way to the top of the bottle it is machine made and therefore not antique by our definition.
- We don't appraise very common bottles or advertising items. Before you submit a request do a search on eBay and if results come up you have your market value.
- Include a photo of the item if at all possible. Also include a complete description of the item - size, color, condition, embossing, etc.
- Include a phone number and what part of the US you are from.
- We can appraise items from anywhere but many of our members are especially Knowledgable about items from Wisconsin.

Go to the Members page on this site and email one or more of the collectors of the type of item you have, or email us at


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