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Peter Maas

I am a collector, dealer, author, digger, diver and local history buff who has collected Wisconsin bottles, stoneware and advertising for over 40 years. I started collecting in 1971 when I started scuba diving in local lakes and found bottles. I developed an interest in antiques in general over the years but my collecting focus has been early Wisconsin bottles and stoneware. Here are a few of my favorite categories:
- Stoneware bottles from Wisconsin.
- Bitters and whiskey bottles, especially amber strap-sided flasks.
- Blob sodas, mint examples with wires, pontil marked and colored. Also John Matthews.
- Beer bottles in mint condition with applied lips.
- Unusual colors and molds from Wisconsin Glass and Chase Valley Glass.
- Colored Hutchinson sodas from Wisconsin.
- Decorated and signed stoneware from Wisconsin potters including Maxfield, O.F. Baker, Charles Hermann, Th. Gunther, Gunther & Berns, Bachelder, W.D. Mosier, Portage City, Cunningham, Farwell, Bonesteel, Chamberlain or Wisconsin territory pieces.
- Decorated pottery from Whitewater Wisconsin.
- Backbar bottles, especially colored enamel or White enamel
- Advertising shot glasses from Wisconsin
If you have any of these items please Email Peter.


Specific Bottles Wanted:

Stoneware bottles
A.P. DICKENSON – half pint
BOODE & BRO. – quart
E.R. HANTSCH - quart
TAYLOR & BRO. – pint or quart
WILCOX POP BEER MANITOWOC WIS - tan or dark brown glaze

W.D. MOSIER (from Wautoma Wis)
Any Wisconsin clay bottle with inverted stamp or more than one stamp

Soda Bottles
CUNNINGHAM MILWAUKIE – torpedo/egg shaped bottle with pontil mark
BLISS RACINE – with pontil mark
SHEBOYGAN MINERAL WATER – 8 sided amber blob
SHEBOYGAN MINERAL WATER – marble stopper cod
O. ZWIETUSCH MILWAUKEE– coiled spring with pontil mark or any color other than aqua
HOPKINS – cobalt soda from Milwaukee or Milwaukie

Medicine Bottles
Any paper label-only medicine with pontil mark
FESS MILWAUKIE – aqua with pontil
Any Wisconsin embossed pharmacy bottle in cobalt, green or teal color

Whiskey/Bitters Bottles
Monopole Bitters – figural with iron pontil mark
CHAS. SCHLITZ GERMAN WINE BITTERS – three sided semi-cabin

Chase Valley or Wisconsin Glass Bottles
Marked C.V. and MILW on the base

Marked WIS GLASS MILW or similar on the base.




Author: Peter Maas
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