Wisconsin antique bottle and advertising club
Have you seen these photo galleries?

Have you seen these photo galleries?

It's highly recommended that you take a look.

The photo galleries on this site contain pics of some great examples of super-rare and beautiful old bottles, early Wisconsin Pottery and Advertising items from top private collections. Many are so rare that you may never see any of them in person. The galleries have just a small number of items of really great pieces. Topics include:

Soda Bottles
Bitters Bottles
Blob Soda Bottles
Advertising Signs
Colored Hutch Soda Bottles
Colored Quart Soda Bottles
Stoneware Bottles
Advertising Shot Glasses (Pre-Pro)
Beer & Ale Bottles
Whitewater Earthenware
W.D. Mosier Pottery
Charles Hermann & Co Stoneware
O.F. Baker Stoneware
Whiskey Backbar bottles
and more

Click the photo to see them all.
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Chase Valley Glass Co.

Chase Valley Glass Co.

Wisconsin's first bottle manufacturer

The opening Chase Valley Glass Company marked the beginning of a 30-year era of glass manufacturing in Milwaukee. Although the Chase Valley works operated only one brief season, four successive glassworks operated at the same location. The Chase Valley glassworks also left behind a rich legacy of bottles and flasks for collectors. Typical embossing include:

C Co. 2 MILW
C.V. No 2 MILW (sometimes with mold number in the center)
C.V. No 1 MILW (sometimes with mold number in the center)

This article describes the history of Wisconsin's first glassworks and the bottles and other products they produced.
Author: Peter Maas
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The Wisconsin Glass Company

The Wisconsin Glass Company

Wisconsin's Second Glass Company 1881 to 1886

The Wisconsin Glass Company began when the Chase Valley Glass Companies 1 and 2 reorganized into a single combined entity in September of 1881. The company made various types of bottles, jars and window glass until May of 1886. Typical base embossing found are:

WIS GLASS CO MILW (often with a mold number ranging from 1 to 40 or A to T)

The Wisconsin Glass Company would later open as the Cream City Glass Company. This article takes an in-depth look at the company's history, its leaders and the products it produced.
Author: Peter Maas
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